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Discovery Flights 

Discovery Flights are a great way to try flying for the first time in a low stress environment.  Our certified flight instructors will provide you with a brief pre-flight inspection of the aircraft so you can better understand how airplanes fly.  You'll then step inside and discover that most airplanes are similar in size to a small car.  After starting the airplane and doing a few standard "run-up checks" you'll taxi onto the runway and accelerate for take-off on your flight (approximately 30-45 minutes).  If you're up for the challenge, our flight instructors will demonstrate a few basic flight maneuvers and then let you take the controls to actually fly the airplane.  One thing we ALWAYS try to do is help you find your house from the sky and snap a few photos of your flight and hometown.  Once we get back on the ground you'll get a special certificate to commemorate your Discovery Flight experience.  The entire experience takes about an hour, only cost $175.00, and gift certificates are available!  Call us today to schedule a discovery flight and make your flying dreams a reality!

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